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A patent is an exclusive right
granted by the United States Government and other foreign entities to an inventor for the purposes of preventing others from making, using, or selling an invention for a limited period of time in exchange for a complete and full disclosure. Patents are unique in the fact that...



A trademark or service mark is a unique sign or indicator utilized by a person, business, or other legal entity that indicates to consumers that the product or service in which the trademark appears originates from a unique source. This ensures that the general welfare of the public is protected from deceptive or fraudulent business...



A copyright is an exclusive right granted by the United States Government to authors or creators of original works for a limited duration of time. The owner of a copyright is entitled to receive credit for their work. They have the right to oversee copies, derivatives, and performances of their work. Typical works include...


Trusted Representation



Mr. Miracle has over fifteen years of professional experience with all types of intellectual property law. With his background in Aerospace Engineering, he has drafted and successfully processed hundreds of utility and design patent applications, federal and state trademark registrations, and copyright registrations for clients locally as well as worldwide.



We are a direct, personal legal outfit that provides and encourages outstanding relationships with its clients. Inventors and clients work side by side with patent attorney Bryce D. Miracle to fully develop their ideas and to render a personalized strategy that best helps protect their intellectual property. 



We are a "big firm" alternative. Big firms maintain giant corporate clients with deep pockets so clients have to compete for their time, thus astronomically increasing legal fees. Here, you will not find excessive legal fees and unlike some of the "invention help" type companies, we lead clients in a direction that's in their monetary best interest and not ours.


  • Utility Patent Applications

  • Design Patent Applications

  • US Novelty Patent Searches

  • US Clearance Patent Searches

  • Foreign Patent Searches

  • Patent Assignments

  • Patent Licensing Agreements

  • Foreign PCT Patent Applications

  • Patent Clearance Opinions

  • Freedom to Operate

  • State of the Art Patent Searches

  • Patent Portfolio Management


  • US Trademark Registrations

  • US Trademark Clearance Searches

  • US Trademark Clearance Opinions

  • US Service Mark Registrations

  • State Trademark or Service Mark Registrations

  • US Trademark Opposition Proceeding Representation

  • US Trademark Cancellation Proceeding Representation

  • Trademark Infringement Litigation


  • US Copyright Registrations

  • Copyright Infringement Litigation

  • Copyright Assignments

  • Copyright Licensing Agreements

  • Fair Use Doctrine


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